CMX is a new research group aimed at the development and analysis of novel algorithmic ideas underlying emerging applications in the physical, biological, social and information sciences.  We are distinguished by a shared value system built on the development of foundational mathematical understanding, and the deployment of this understanding to impact on emerging key scientific and technological challenges.


Venkat Chandrasekaran
Mathieu Desbrun
Thomas Hou
Houman Owhadi
Peter Schröder
Andrew Stuart
Joel Tropp

Von Karman Instructors

Franca Hoffmann
Ka Chun Lam

Postdoctoral Researchers

Matthew Dunlop
Ka Chun Lam
Shiwei Lan
Pengfei Liu

Grad Students

Max Budninskiy
Utkan Candogan
JiaJie Chen
De Huang
Nikola Kovachki
Dzhelil Rufat
Florian Schaefer
Yong Shen Soh
Armeen Taeb
Pengchuan Zhang

Lunch Seminars

(Will be held at 12 noon in Annenberg 213, unless otherwise specified.)
October 4, 2017
▦ Venkat Chandrasekaran ▦
Learning regularizers from data

October 18, 2017
▦ Franca Hoffmann ▦

October 25, 2017
▦ Houman Owhadi ▦
The game theoretic approach to numerical analysis and algorithm design

November 15, 2017
▦ Joel Tropp ▦

November 29, 2017
▦ Joey Teran ▦

Other Seminars

Thursday, August 31, 2017
▦ Adam Oberman ▦
A PDE approach to regularization in deep learning
Annenberg 213

Meetings and Workshops